Do asians grow facial hair faster

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I always knew beards were popular. In fact, it was like the rite of passage to becoming a man in New York was having chin fur. It was eye-opening to see so many varieties of beards throughout New York City.

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Through history, beards served many different purposes. During the ancient times, the main goal was to intimidate and make guys look fierce. Later, it changed its roll a bit and became a sign of manhood.

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Can Asian men even grow a beard? Can you imagine a lion without a mane? The Famous Warrior, as well as an invincible conqueror, Chengizh khan, had a patched goatee whenever he went to conquer different parts of Europe and Asia.

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For the most part of the last 12 months, I have been sporting facial hair, which includes the moustache and beard. What started it was a good 2 years ago, I read a little on the Movember campaign, and thought it was a good idea to support the cause. Contrary to belief, Asian men generally does not have the genes to grow proper facial hair.

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The central focus is on Asian Americans and Greater Asian Diaspora in the west, but we care about colonial legacy issues affecting Asians in Asia too. We are against all forms of anti-Asian racism. Both group strategies for activism and individual strategies for self improvement are welcome here.

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Many people dream of growing a thick, luxurious beard or a stylish mustache. Unfortunately, some men can't seem to grow more than a few thin patches. While you can't change genetic causes of poor or uneven growth, there are several ways you can help encourage your natural facial hair to grow in thicker and fuller.

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It might not be so simple. What is the point of a beard, evolutionarily speaking? Children, women, and a whole bunch of men manage just fine without one.

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Asians and beards. The uneasy relationship that many Asian men have with facial hair is well-documented. Online forums show Asian or Asian American men reaching out to their digital and bearded peers confessing their inability to grow a beard. Reddit threads return to the same question, posed sometimes by Asian men themselves but more often by the uninformed and the curious: Can Asian men grow facial hair?

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On the topic of beard growth, the stereotype of Asian men not having the capability to grow any facial hair is most likely one of the biggest elephants in the room. Well, we are not going to keep it under wraps, but instead, we are going to address it head on because, without any stereotype whatsoever, I want to attempt to help my fellow Asian brothers who are having problems growing facial hair. The reason is that, in reality, there does exist individuals from all sorts of Asian backgrounds who ARE able to grow beards.

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I don't know who wrote this. I don't particularly like the wording. Nevertheless, I think the writer means to infer that our culture, and all modern Western culures, like to make this claim. Women simply aren't supposed to have moustaches, and if they do, they secretly pluck out the hairs with tweezers.


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