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To everybody here who loathes Watson like I, please sign this petition and and sent to friends plus publish it around on Facebook and Twitter…. Also to instruct the Justice Department to further prosecute Paul Watson and the Society for criminal tax fraud and to immediately arrest Watson should he attempt to reenter the US. Be a pal and please publicize this petition on the gCaptain news and Facebook pages.

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He's also not a captain of anything, and a fat vegan to boot. As with most people who bestow themselves with honorific titleshe's into cosplayas evidenced by the home-made patches on his Old Navy pea coat. He also loves an audience and can't stop talking when the tape is rolling.

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Watson, the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a vigilante organization that was founded thirty years ago, with one of its ships, the Farley Mowat, a trawler that has nearly sunk three times. One afternoon last winter, two ships lined up side by side in a field of pack ice at the mouth of the Ross Sea, off the coast of Antarctica. Watson and a crew of fifty-two volunteers had sailed the ships—the Farley Mowat, from Australia, and the Robert Hunter, from Scotland—to the Ross Sea with the intention of saving whales in one of their principal habitats.

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We are still active and stronger than we have ever been. It has not been easy. And we have enemies - scores of them, literally hordes of them.

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Sea Shepherd—the environmental organization defending whales against asshole Japanese whalers on "researcher" cosplay—have a powerful new weapon: unmanned aerial vehicles. They have located a Japanese whaling fleet 1, miles north of the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary using a drone. The good news is that one of their new drones has intercepted the fleet before any captures.

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The seal hunt doesn't really bother me one way or another, but it seems to me that Watson should be taken out onto an ice flow and clubbed. He comes across as a heartless ad extremist media whore. Some of the stuff he does is really important and he's the only one doing anything about it

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This is an important preface to the essay June, I am being utterly sarcastic. Maybe my vegetarianism is clashing with my humour.

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Watson is fighting the extradition. Should have happened long ago. Throwing nets in ships wheels thousands of miles from shore. Not to mention the ramming, boardings and acid bombs.

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Although the letters do discuss music to a degree, the primary subject is Nazism. Az noted that many of these bands are still popular today, and unburdened by a reputation for being intolerant. Thus, Az posed to us the following questions:.

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