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Top Round Roast, cooked low and slow over open fire on a rotisserie, until perfectly fork-tender. Garlic and herb-crusted, smoky and evenly cooked side-to-side, this roast is a delight to eat. Serve with roasted vegetables for a healthy, low-carb, paleo-friendly meal.

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Taken from the well-exercised rump of the cow, a bottom round roast isn't the tenderest cut of meat. However, slow cooking a roast with moist heat brings out the flavor and tenderizes the chewy connective tissues, turning this budget-friendly meat into a succulent meal fit for a king. Cooking a roast to tender perfection doesn't get much easier, and cleanup is a cinch.

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Post photos of lip-smacking food or share your recipes. Bottom round roast is a lean cut of meat from the rear leg of a cow. It is also known as rump roast and beef silverside in the UK and Australia.

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Q: What cut of meat is best for pot roast? I've seen recipes that use top round, bottom round and chuck, but I don't know the difference between these cuts. Those are all tough cuts of meat, which makes them all a good choice for pot roast.

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Lean and economical, this cut is best enjoyed braised. When roasted in the oven, slice thin against the grain to maximize tenderness. Bottom Round Roast Lean and economical, this cut is best enjoyed braised.

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Try this easy roast beef recipe which is one of my most popular recipes plus get my tips for how to cook and slice roast beef for juicy, tender roast beef perfection. He shared with his friends how delciious it was, he reminisced with me about how tender and juicy it was…He was so thrilled to have a tasty homemade roast beef recipe that tasted so good. Let me show you how easy it is to make perfect roast beef every time.

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Ah, bottom round roast. That super affordable cut of meat that you buy from the grocery store, cook it and find that it turned out about as tender as a shoe. So what do you do?

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