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If you have a vagina, you've probably heard many times that you should always pee after sex. But given that running to the bathroom isn't necessarily what you want to do after a hookup, you've probably wondered if peeing after sex is absolutely necessary. We spoke to Dr.

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Let me present you with a math problem. Two trains leave the station at the same time, each traveling at a speed. Any speed.

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W e can make magic happen! I thought to myself. We are mothers!

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! How do I talk about something deeply embarrassing? I am mortified at the prospect of bringing this up with him, and he is likely to be mortified to hear it.

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When my editor asked me if I was up for writing some answers to questions women have about urinals, I immediately accepted. If he is able to, your average man will always leave a urinal in between himself and another guy. Because some dudes get weirded out when others stand directly next to them to take a leak when other urinal stalls are open.

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Peeing after sex may help prevent urinary tract infections UTIs. UTIs occur when bacteria enter the urinary tract, usually through your urethra, and travels to your bladder. If you have a vagina, your urethra — the opening where urine is released — is close to your vaginal opening.

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That nagging urge to pee at 3 a. Nearly everyone experiences this disturbance at some point, but sometimes frequent urination may be a sign of health problems. According to a new studypresented at the annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society, people who woke up at least once per night to use the restroom were 40 percent more likely to have high blood pressure.

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Q: Should men sit down when they pee? What if they are visiting someone else's home? A man's decision to urinate standing up or sitting down would be made based on how he was brought up, his culture and his personal preference.

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So you trudge to the can, groggy and packing a loaded anatomical Super Soaker. Or go for the unmanly butt-bow and pop a squat? Blame poor toilet design, says Tadd Truscott, Ph.

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