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Tuberous breasts or tubular breasts are a result of a congenital abnormality [1] of the breasts which can occur in both men and women also see Hypoplasiaone breast or both. During puberty breast development is stymied and the breasts fail to develop normally and fully. The exact cause of this is as yet unclear, however, a study in of the cells in the breasts of both males and females with tubular breasts suggested a genetic link in a disorder of collagen deposition.

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My small and pointy breasts never worried me — until I grew up and they stayed in a premature-looking state. My breasts have a deformity that prevented them from developing typically and left me with a hardly pubescent chest in my mid-twenties. My congenital condition is called Tuberous Breast Deformity TBD because of their somewhat elongated and tubular shape. Sexy, right?

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The breasts that develop in this way can be identified with the naked eye by asymmetry and shape, because the breast can develop in a conical shape, with a clear scarce breast tissue in the lower part of the breast and areolas exaggeratedly prominent or ringed. The breast is neither symmetrical nor hemispherical. It is possible to begin to distinguish the alteration of the breast in puberty or already in the process of lactogenesis I, when the breast does not develop normally in gestation.

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One of the most common abnormalities of breast shape is called a tubular breast. Such breasts, also known as tuberous breasts or constricted breasts, result from congenital variation in the development of the breast tissue that can affect one or both breasts. Although there is considerable variation, tubular breasts all share some common features.

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Lisa, who is now 31, vividly remembers her high school years and early 20s dealing with what she now knows is called Tuberous Breast Deformity TBD. According to Dr. While a little bit of breast asymmetry in women is totally normal, in TBD there can be a marked difference in size and shape of the breasts, ranging from no breast tissue at all to oddly tube-shaped breasts.

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Call us now on Whilst we think all boobs are beautiful, we understand that sometimes women want to change their breasts look in order to feel better about themselves and more confident in their appearance. We are here to help all women achieve their personal goals so that they can feel like the best version of them. There are many different reasons why so many women chose to have breast surgery with us each and every year.

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Tuberous breast correction is a combination of surgical procedures that allows women to have a natural-looking, round, symmetrical pair of breasts. A tuberous breast is a deformity that becomes evident during puberty, and cannot be corrected without surgery. If you believe you have tuberous breasts, a consultation can help you become educated and confident in your treatment options.

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The condition is also called tuberous breasts or breast hypoplasia. Tubular breasts can also present problems for women who wish to breastfeed. Tubular breasts are diagnosed based on the way that the breasts look.


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